Everything you need to know before buying a neon sign

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If you are reading this post, you are one of us, neon enthusiasts. Neon is not a complicated purchase. But if you are new to neons, you probably have many questions about the purchase process. The Neonist is on a mission to bring light and joy to the world with our beautiful neon designs and superior sign quality. To help you choose a perfect neon, we have put together this guide with everything you need to know for a fool-proof purchase.

First things first. Determine the neon purpose.

The most important question to answer before buying a neon is what purpose it will serve. Will the sign be displayed at your wedding party? Is your wedding party going to be held outdoors or indoors? The outdoor neon signs are waterproof while indoor signs are not.

Will this sign be a piece of your living room decor? Would you like to hang it in the nursery or kids’ playroom? Are you a business owner looking to add an eye-catching element to the interior of your coffee shop, boutique, or beauty parlor?

Why are we listing all these questions? It is because the purpose of the neon determines a lot of its features.

If your wedding reception is outdoors, a neon vendor needs to know this in advance to ensure that it can be displayed outdoors. If you would like to use neon as a decorative piece for your nursery, you might not need the hanging elements but opt for a neon that has an acrylics frame stand.

If you don’t have a power outlet in the neon sign’s proximity, you have the option of ordering a rechargeable battery (though it will limit your size choice).

Size Matters

Before placing an order, take a look at a wall or area where you want your neon to be fixed. It will help you understand how big you want your neon sign to be. Try measuring your wall or area and see what proportion of that space you wish your neon to occupy. The Neonist can craft any neon size; just let us know what suits you most.

The size is also an important factor in determining the final neon sign price. The larger the sign, the higher the price.

Design and Color

The Neonist has a variety of design samples – colors, fonts, and shapes. We love working with clients who know exactly what they are going for. If you are not sure, however, do not worry – we can create a realistic mockup that will help you understand how you feel about each design style.

The style of the neon can influence the price of it as well. If you choose a neon with a curvy font it will be priced higher than a sign with a block font.

The Backing of the Sign.

This is another neon feature that you should consider. There are many types of neon sign backings available  – the usual clear acrylic backing, colorful PVC (to make the sign even more colorful), mirror backing – gold a silver (for a real WOW effect). Each type of backing is priced differently.

Last but not least. Your budget.

Neons price varies based on their size and design. It is excellent to start a conversation with the neon studio, stating your target budget. This helps solve some potential misunderstandings in the later stages of the order process.

Takeout: When communicating with a neon vendor, specify all your neon sign requirements:

  1. The purpose of your neon and where you would like to display it. A professional neon studio will be able to match a neon sign suitable for your requirements.
  2. If you have a specific design in mind (logo or a monogram), add this to your list of requirements.
  3. Size.
  4. Target Budget.

What you can expect when working with The Neonist studio:

The Neonist team will provide you with top-notch support to ensure you order a perfect neon sign. If you are not sure about your neon requirements, let us know, and we will help you customize your sign so that it will perfectly serve the purpose you intended for it.