Japanese LED Neon Sign​

Japanese and American cultures have been influencing each other for decades. This has led to the rise of California-style sushi, Japantowns in some major cities, and the popularity of anime. The trend is now coming full circle with a new wave of Japanese-inspired designs and influences. We engineer and create these modern LED neon signs to offer a more streamlined and chic option for those who want to combine both cultures in their home or business.
Share your custom neon design idea with our team, so we can prepare a sign mockup based on your preferred style, font, color, and size.

Do you have an idea, but need help turning it into a neon LED sign?

If you’re like most people, you’ve got ideas—lots of them.
and if you’re like most people, those ideas are just a little bit overwhelming. What if I try this? What if I try that? Where do I start? How do I know what will work?

That’s where we come in! Our designers will help you step by step until you will be satisfied with your results and the best part is that we don’t charge for that!. Fill up the contact form and will make you a believer

Japanese Neon Sign​
Japanese neon sign

Why Us?

At The Neonist, we don’t cut corners. Emma, the co-founder of The Neonist and an Industrial Engineer by training, works tirelessly to ensure excellence in both product quality and customer experience. Whether sourcing high-quality supplies, installing quality control procedures at the production studio or streamlining the order and delivery processes, Emma always goes the extra mile to ensure that The Neonist’s clients enjoy a great customer experience.

1. Lifespan – There are LED lightbulbs that last 1,000 hours, and there are LED lightbulbs that last 60,000 hours. At The Neonist, we work with industrial-grade neon. We offer signs with a minimum lifespan of 50,000 operating hours. We do not work with low-quality materials.

2. Quality – Neon signs are made by hand, which is what makes them so special. It isn’t easy to copy custom designs to the millimeter, our handcrafted creations are produced using high-precision methods and quality control procedures, ensuring your sign lights up your day, every day.

3. Safety –   First and foremost! There is nothing more critical than having safety permits and standards association stamps on any and every electrical appliance you bring into your home or place of work.

4. Warranty – No one wants to pay thousands of dollars on a product that doesn’t come with a warranty (and yet, this happens all the time in the world of signage). Every product has a lifespan, and low-quality LED light bulbs can stop working within just a few months of use. At Neonist, we provide a full warranty on all electrical parts, for 24 months.

Light Up Your day

Create Your Japanese Neon Sign in 3 easy steps

We want you to buy with peace of mind. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction, or you get your money back.


First, Concept

Send us your idea

Share your biggest, boldest, design dreams. We can replicate anything you like, from custom fonts and images to digital artwork and sketches.


Then, We Design


We’ll process your request, prepare a mockup, and send it to you, along with a price quote and order details – within 24 hours! Approve it or make adjustments to meet your needs.


Third, We Make It

100% satisfaction.

Complete the payment so we can create your LED neon sign. Production, assembly, testing, and door-to-door delivery usually takes 14-18 days.


Ask for a free quote and mockup

Happiness Guaranteed – Emma always goes the extra mile to make sure that The Neonist’s clients enjoy a great customer experience. Fill up the form below and we’ll make you a believer ​