Light Up your Love with these Neon Wedding Trends!

wedding led neon sign

Are you planning on getting married sometime this coming year? It’s time to personalize your wedding uniquely… Bring on the LEDs! 2021 is all about the glow and customized concept lighting. You heard it, neon features are a must-have trend this year and will be a big hit in the upcoming wedding seasons.

Call it ‘love at first light,’ but here at The Neonist, high-precision production methods,  quality control procedures, and ongoing trends are essential for us. We choose to go that extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a great customer experience.

From concept to completion

So, you’re set to enlighten your initials or beloved corny couple saying, but what are the most on-trend neon sign styles in this day of age? The luminescent lighting may deliver a burst of positive vibes to your reception or cocktail bar, yet with so many ideas to decide between, spotting the upcoming seasonal trends can often become a  sidetracking task.

Ready to fall in love?! If adding that extra touch means a lot to you when it comes to creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the day you’ve longed most, stand back and let the fluorescents do the storytelling! We’ve put a few crucial 2021 trend inspirations together to help you incorporate neon signs into your wedding and assist when it comes to designing your own personalized creation or choosing from our ready-made catalog.

Keep it classy

Add a magical twinkle and chic glow to create an enchanted atmosphere when showcasing marital names or monograms, using minimalistic cursive white fonts.  Simple is less, and in the design world, less means more.

neon wedding trends the neonist

Exotic romance

Draw in the drama! This style is surely one of our favorites. Seduce your loved ones by creating a lush urban space using electric red LEDs against a dark tropical backdrop for a night to remember.


“So old school!”

Yes, we absolutely cherish the classic old-school concept. Having your couple initials twinkling high in the atmosphere as if your cherished one scribbled them on a high school love letter is simply cute and super stylish.

wedding letters neon sign

Retro grooves

Staying in with the funky seventies is always fashionable, so if you feel like combining a psychedelic yet jazzy jive to your venue, personalized retro feel-good lettering is a  must for you.

wedding led neon sign

Electric edge

There’s no need to be a fashion frenzy. Light up using beautiful brights and moody hues. Vibrant pinks, reds, and purples will add an indulging impact, as this year is the perfect time to splash around with vivacious colors that bring your dance floor to life.

you are the cheese to my burger led neon sign

The perfect phrase

Each year, new love phrases and sayings flood the net. Here are a few lovable couple sayings which we think will surely add a shine to your wedding this 2021:  ‘I Do’ right now!

To the Moon & Back

Better Together

Best Day Together

Truly, madly, deeply

Crazy in love

We found love…

Wed now, party later

Now, after you’ve received a little update on the latest wedding trends of 2021 in the neon lighting world, you’re ready to create a fluorescent fantasy and experiment with the joys of neon LED lighting of your own!

Besides our faith regarding top-quality manufacturing, we believe that a little goes a  long way and can assure you that touch of neon energy will add a buzz to your big day.

Shop Wedding neons here or contact us for a custom neon design. May your love light never dim.


The Neonist.